Welcome to My Studio

Welcome to My Studio

My country studio, a bright space with lots of windows, is where I spend my creative time.   It is inspiring to be surrounded by nature and a variety of wildlife that make time spent in the studio very rewarding.  I have a workbench that houses my torch, kiln, ventilation system and a lot of tools.  I have hundreds of colourful glass rods in a large cabinet that are within arms reach while I'm at the torch. 

My digitally-controlled kiln is an integral part of any respected bead-maker's tool kit.  The International Society of Glass Beadmakers stresses the importance of kiln-annealed glass. This is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying glass beads.

What is annealing?
After repeated heating and manipulation in and out of the torch's flame, glass becomes 'stressed' and needs to be held in a hot kiln for a specific amount of time at a specific temperature to allow the molecular structure of the glass to realign and 'relax'. The extremely hot glass has to be cooled at a controlled and gradual rate. In most cases, it is unlikely that a consumer would be able to tell if a bead has been annealed just by looking at it. But, if you have a bead that has not been annealed, there is a good chance that one day it will all of a sudden crack or shatter. Be sure to ask any artist, from whom you are purchasing beads, if their work is annealed or not. If you are told that the bead was flame-annealed, or that a fibre blanket or heated vermiculite were used - these are not annealing! What you want to hear is that the bead was kiln-annealed in a temperature-controlled kiln.  Glass beads that are properly annealed can tolerate a surprising amount of rough handling; however, it is always a good idea to handle them with some amount of care.  

My studio is often open for shopping with lots of ready to wear pieces on display.  Please call or email if you wish to come and browse, or if you would like a demonstration of how a glass bead is created.  

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