About The Artist

About The Artist

My name is Janet Jensen and I am a lampwork artist. Lampwork, also known as flame work, is an art form, performed centuries ago.  Artists would heat and shape the glass in the flame of an oil lamp.  Today, modern lampwork artists use torches that mix fuel and oxygen in order to melt the glass and have a much hotter and easier to control flame.

'Bling' has been 'my thing' since I was a little girl. I have had a fascination with glass as far back as I can remember. Plus, I am a wee bit of a fire bug....so it only makes sense that after a lifetime of exploring just about every art form out there, I have at long last discovered lampworking - the one perfect hobby and creative outlet that occupies all of my artistic time.  I've been creating jewellery for over 13 years but now I am able to create my custom pieces with the beads made by my own hands. 

My first experience with scultping glass was to learn to light a dual-fuel propane torch and melt the glass so that it was hot enough to wrap around a steel mandrel, but not so hot that it dripped onto the work bench. I learned to respect the torch, but I was instantly hooked on the gentle whisper of the flame and was immediately smitten by the colourful glow of the smoking hot glass. I have had the privilege of taking countless courses from some wonderfully talented and generous artists. They have all had a part in the development of my style at the torch.


I was told numerous times that I HAD to put a picture of me on the About the Artist page, so I gave in.  Opting for the frumpy artist look rather than the glamorous one, here’s  a shot of me at the torch in a week-long glassmaking course at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York.  We worked in the studio from 8:30 in the morning to 10:30 each night, (you can tell by my hair!) and I loved every minute of it.  I learned so much.  The big, goofy looking glasses I’m wearing are Didymium filters that help block out the painfully bright sodium flare from the torch’s flame. It would be impossible to see the intricate workings of the glass in the flame without them.  I have a much less scary looking pair now that I wear all the time while torching.
I live just outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and am thrilled to be able to create my designs in my country studio. A day doesn’t go by without me being inspired by nature’s beautiful palette. I am constantly aware of colour combinations and patterns, and how I might translate these visuals into my beads and jewellery.

All of my beads are mini, wearable, works of art, and my jewellery is unique; no mass production of any kind in my studio! I am very passionate about my craft and each piece is handcrafted by me while I’m in a creative state of mind. You could say a little bit of me goes into every piece I create – lots of positive energy in my bling! I hope you feel as good about owning or gifting my beads and jewellery, as I do about creating them.  The possibilities are endless - that's what makes this art form so utterly captivating.

Thank you for stopping by.

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